A Little About My Artwork

River in the evening sky. The river is so beautiful, especially in places that have changed naturally. There are parts of this river that date back to the 14th century and other parts that are even older than that! Trying to explain this is difficult. The fact that the 14th century came before the 15th century is a good place to begin. Especially when talking to: county employees and college students. If you can reach agreement on this fact alone, you can form the basis for intelligent discussion. I would point out that Titian completed the Venus of Urbino in 1538. If you subtract 100 years from that, you would arrive at the time when the river was already in existence, in some parts kind a like it is today. It is my belief that if people understood this, they would take better care of the river. I hope this bit of insight will help to make that which is simply beautiful more beautiful?

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Albert Locke

Tampa, Fl.


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