A Little About Myself

My faith in Jesus Christ is at the core of me and my work. I believe the creative process is one of connection...an act of prayer, of worship, of learning and growth...with the Spirit in each of us. Therefore, I find the very personal process, in many ways, to be more important than the finished product. However, it is very necessary to me that the finished piece be, in someway an offering of hope and love to the viewer.

Many of my pieces have nature as their basis. But, I enjoy words…poetry, prose…flavorful, colorful words...and I usually try to incorporate them in my art. I write occasionally, but mostly just love the texture and flavor of words. I am intrigued by the translation of image to word and word to image.

My BFA and MFA were with a concentration in Fabric Design but I am currently working in graphics and print layout.

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Vicki Eaton

Athens, GA


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