Prizes & Judging

Each participant is given the opportunity for their work to be reviewed by a panel of internationally acclaimed jurors, who will select five Grand Prize Winners to receive part of a $10,000 cash prize. Along with the Grand Prize Winners, 30 Exhibitionists will be selected to have their work printed and displayed at various locations in large-format, while 300 Finalists will be showcased on Light Pole Banners throughout the United States.

In order to diversify the selection process, each phase will be mediated by a different team of jurors:

All jurors will evaluate each piece of work based on the following criteria:

  • Overall Impression:  Strong visual qualities
  • Artistic Merit:  Composition and design, established visual art concepts
  • Creativity and Originality:  Distinctive vision and individual approach
  • Category Relevance:  Artwork is applicable to the category in which it was entered
  • Wall appeal:  Appropriate for large-format display, can be applied to any one of Britten’s products and services

Contest Schedule

 Registration Now Open
 Entry Period, through January 31
 Registration Closes, January 31
 Finalists, March 1
 Exhibitionists, March 15
 Grand Prize Winners, April 1
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