About the Competition

If I have a question about the ‘artUP’ contest, how do I get in touch with someone?

Feel free to e-mail us at , and someone from the artUP Team will get back to you as soon as possible. For immediate questions, you may reach Kaitlyn Burns, the artUP Director, by telephone at 855-262-7887.

Please note that artUP is a subsidiary of Britten, Inc. and we ask that you not call the general Britten number.

What is the ‘artUP’ competition?

artUP is an open art competition, hosted by Britten, Inc., a leading large-format printer in North America. Britten’s client base consists of some of the biggest corporations and sporting events in the world, all of which are looking for creative, world-class art. 

As an artist, what benefits do I receive as part of the ‘artUP’ competition?

We think that winning is a subjective pursuit in the world of art, so we have created many ways for you to benefit by entering:

  • Prize money.  Yes, there will be an official winner, actually 3, with a total cash prize pursuit of $15,000.
  • Jurors.  Britten’s worldwide exposure allows us to tap into the most accredited art professionals in a variety of fields and organizations, resulting in the exposure of your work to these art experts and aficionados.
  • Public Display.  We are confident that your work looks great in a museum, but let’s go outside the box (literally) and get it out in the public! Britten’s nationwide services will enable us to put up the work of the Finalists, Exhibitionists, and Grand Prize Winners in public spaces and large-format applications in various cities across the United States.
  • The Artist Marketplace.  This is the big goal of artUP. We want to establish a tool that you can use to get your work into the hands of professionals who can purchase and display your art. Who needs to win an art competition when a Fortune 500 company, a Bowl game, or a national-level sporting event could pay you to include your work within their branding or overall event design work? We create the exposure, you profit based on the end-user printing the final display through Britten. Not to mention – there’s a 10% commission for you (the artist) for work that is purchased and printed with Britten!

What are the categories for the ‘artUP’ competition?

In the world of large-format printing and display, there is a need for fine art, photographs, digital creations, logos, and more. artUP is a completely open art contest, not limiting you to any medium. Read more about categories and criteria under Judging and Selection Process.

Can I submit sculpture or other 3D works?

Because 3D works can only be submitted by a photographed image, your entry will just be considered photography. However, someone who is browsing the Artist Marketplace might contact you because they like your work and want to either use the actual image or your beautiful 3D sculptural creation. Think of the Artist Marketplace as an online portfolio space – you could take a photograph with your iPhone, submit the photo to artUP, and someone could contact you to inquire about purchasing your creative work.

Why does it tell me to select a category when I am submitting an entry?

When uploading an entry for artUP, there will be a choice of five categories and a box to enter keywords describing the entry. The category and keywords are used for search purposes only – not for juror use. This will help Britten clients easily find the design component that they are looking for. Please note that all categories and keywords will be checked when an entry is submitted.

Are there examples of the entries?

Yes. For your convenience we have compiled a few Entry Examples, which are located on the grey sidebar on the right.

How do I enter?

You can enter online at artUP.BrittenBanners.com, under “Enter Contest” or “ENTER” on the homepage. Upload your images to each entry and make sure that your contact information is correct. You will need a credit card or PayPal account readily available at the time of entry. A confirmation e-mail and receipt will be sent to the indicated e-mail address once the entry is posted on the Artist Marketplace, contingent upon meeting appropriate entry rules.  Usually the entry will be processed within 24 hours of submission. 

Is there an entry fee?

Yes, it is $20 for the first entry and $10 for each additional entry. We offer a discount price of $10 per entry for K-12 and college students. Payment is due at the time of entry, and submissions without correct payment information will be denied. We do this because your work will be featured and displayed indefinitely on the Artist Marketplace. Think of it as a one-time gallery fee for each piece of work displayed. 

Is there a limit on how many entries I can submit?

No! Participants are encouraged to submit as many entries as they want. The more entries that you submit, the more images that our 6,000+ international clientele can possibly choose from. However, please note the $10 fee for each additional entry.

Who is on the panel of judges?

The list of the artUP contest jurors can be seen under Guest Jurors.

What are the prizes for the winners?

  • 3 Grand Prize Winners selected to receive a part of the $15,000 purse.
  • 30 Exhibitionists will have their work printed and displayed in large-format at various locations in the United States.
  • 300 Finalists selected from the overall entry pool will be displayed on light pole banners throughout the United States.
  • All entries, whether selected as a Finalist or not, will be indefinitely displayed in the Artist Marketplace until you (the artist) indicate otherwise.

Where will the works be exhibited?

Due to our large number of clients throughout the world, Britten will choose random locations in which the finished pieces will be installed. Each Finalist, Exhibitionist, and Grand Prize Winner will be notified of the placement of their artwork. If there is a conflict in your assigned location, you can contact the artUP Team at .

How do parents, teachers, or After School Program representatives sign up on behalf of their students?

Parents, teachers, and After School Program representatives can enter on behalf of their students online at artUP.BrittenBanners.com.  Registration begins on September 22, 2011 at 12:00:00 A.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST). All entrants must be registered by December 28, 2011 at 11:59:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Along with the online entry, the parent or legal guardian of all applicants under the age of 18 must sign and submit a Parent Consent Form. The Parent Consent form must be postmarked by January 1 in order for the applicant to be considered eligible. 

Where can I find the Parent Consent Form?

The Parent Consent Form can be found on the artUP website on the right panel, labeled Parent Consent Form PDF. The form may be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed.

Can I e-mail the Parent Consent Form?

Yes, a scanned copy of the Parent Consent Form can be e-mailed if it is signed and dated by the parent or guardian of the applicant. The Parent Consent Form should be e-mailed to with CONSENT ID #XX as the subject. The registrant ID number can be found in the entry confirmation e-mail.

Can I fax the Parent Consent Form?

Yes, the Parent Consent Form may be faxed if it is signed and dated by the parent or guardian of the applicant. The Parent Consent Form should be faxed to (231) 941-8299, Attention: artUP Consent. The registrant ID number can be found in the entry confirmation e-mail.

How should my entry file be formatted?

All files should be either .JPEG or .PDF images and less than 1 MB. All other formats and files exceeding 1 MB will not be accepted. See the Contest Rules for rules regarding large-format files in the event you are chosen as an artUP Finalist, Exhibitionist, or Grand Prize Winner.

Should I name my entry file?

Yes, each file should be saved in the following format:
   Last Name First Name Image Number.PDF (or .JPEG)
   i.e.    Smith John 1.PDF  or Smith John 1.JPEG


Judging/Selection Process

How is the contest judged?

A team of Britten employees will narrow down the total submission pool to 1,000 Semi-Finalists.  From there, a group of student leaders from a prominent art and design school will select 300 Finalists.  The Guest Jurors will then select 30 Exhibitionists whose work will be printed and exhibited in large-format.  From there the Guest Jurors will select 3 Grand Prize Winners to receive an equal part of the $15,000 cash prize. 

What criteria will be used to select the category winners?

Each team of jurors will evaluate each piece of work based on the visual aesthetics and overall effectiveness in relation to the large-format marketplace.

What is the large-format marketplace?

The ultimate goal of artUP is to match artists with top-tier purchasers of art and design; increasing revenue for artists while enhancing design for corporations, events, and design firms. The criteria for the judging process parallels the goals of artUP with the needs of Britten’s customers.

As a creative services organization, Britten provides large-format displays for a large variety of customers. For example:

  • Cities often use light pole banners to welcome visitors, celebrate holidays and seasons, and to promote events and local business.
  • Sporting events have a variety of needs, including huge billboards at a racetrack, spectator scrim along a marathon course, directional signage, or sponsor branding.
  • Corporations and businesses use large-format displays in their stores (point of purchase), distribute their brand on banners to dealers, display large-format banners on buildings, as well as displays in public spaces such as airports or bus stations.

In the world of large-format printing and display, there is a need for fine art, photographs, digital creations, logos, and more. Each of these examples might include a nonchalant design such as type, color theme, or background texture, used to round out the entire image design.

The artUP criteria and winners will be based on the recognition of these needs in the marketplace. Each submitted entry will include a paragraph describing the suggested use of the artwork. The description does not limit the entry to that final usage; rather it implies recognition of the artist’s understanding and acknowledgement of the large-format marketplace. For further understanding, you can view the Entry Examples if needed.

What are visual aesthetics?

Examples of visual aesthetics that artUP Jurors will be thinking about when examining each piece of work include:

  • Overall Impression:  Strong visual qualities
  • Artistic Merit:  Composition and design, established visual art concepts
  • Creativity and Originality:  Distinctive vision and individual approach

What is ‘overall effectiveness’?

Jurors will be able to determine the ‘overall effectiveness’ of the entry piece by observing the visual aesthetics, reading the written description of the entry piece, and then putting the two together. A truly effective artUP entry will show understanding of the needs in the large-format marketplace, show tremendous ‘wall appeal’, and radiate its visual aesthetics.

It is certainly possible that a juror may visualize a large-format use for your work outside of your written description. The goal of the description is just an indication of your understanding of the large-format marketplace.

Does my entry have to be created with the intent to be printed in large-format?

No, in fact we hope that you submit as many entries as possible in order for you to have a portfolio-display of your work. However, when the jurors are selecting the Grand Prize Winners (who will be displayed in large-format) they will be looking to make sure that the entry will be appropriate to put in large-format. If not, it will still be showcased in the Artist Marketplace, and still possibly selected as one of the 300 Finalists to be displayed on light pole banners.

What if my original work does not ‘feel’ like large-format?

You never know what a buyer might see in regards to use for your art. A small drawing might serve as a fantastic image on a giant BannerRail or MallPaper display.

Is the public involved in the voting process?

The general public is not involved in any part of the voting process.


The Artist Marketplace

What is the Artist Marketplace?

The Artist Marketplace is a database feature of the artUP competition. The Artist Marketplace allows all participants to display all of their submitted work, where any number of Britten’s 6,000+ international clientele can browse and purchase images. With this being said, even if you are not selected as a Finalist, you still have the potential for an organization to select one of your submissions and (for example) be commissioned to have your image in an X-Games campaign! 

Will organizations look at the Artist Marketplace?

We cannot guarantee that organizations will look at the Artist Marketplace. However, Britten sees these entries as a service to their client base and will heavily promote the use of the Artist Marketplace.

What if I do not want my work to be part of the Artist Marketplace?

If you decided at any time that you do not want your work to be a part of the Artist Marketplace, contact the artUP team at (Attention: Privacy Matters). It’s your work, your decision.

Does Britten receive commission if an organization wants to purchase my work?

No, YOU do! When an image is printed, we encourage the purchasing organization to use Britten for the print and production services.  As an incentive to the artist, Britten will pay you 10% of the price for the client’s work that is printed with us.  For example, if the total invoice featuring your submitted artwork totals $300, we will write you (the artist) a check for $30. 

Is there a monthly fee to keep my work on the Artist Marketplace?

No, there is no monthly fee to keep your work displayed in the Artist Marketplace.  The only fee is the $20 or $10 entry fee to submit your work to the competition. 

How long will the entries be displayed on the Artist Marketplace?

Each entry will be archived in the Artist Marketplace for as long as the artist is willing to have it there.  If you want your work removed, please contact the artUP team at (Attention: Privacy Matters).

As an artist, I am concerned about people taking and using my artwork for free. What security measures are in place so that my work is protected?

If you are concerned about the security of your artwork, PLEASE WATERMARK YOUR ENTRIES. We understand that it is very important that your images are protected. Your entry will not be disregarded by the contest judges if you choose to protect your artwork with a watermark.


About Britten

Who is Britten?

As the leading provider of large-format digital printing and creative production services, Britten Inc. has become a trusted partner of some of the worlds’ best known and most discerning brands, helping them gain international brand visibility and credibility for the past 25 years.

At its 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facilities in Traverse City, Michigan, Britten’s 200 “customer enthusiasts” create and deliver world-class products and expert execution of art-related projects and displays.  Britten’s unrivaled capabilities, culture of innovation and unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction puts them at the forefront of the industry – and makes Britten the smart choice for businesses of all sizes.

You can learn more about Britten’s culture and capabilities at www.BrittenBanners.com.

Why is Britten doing this competition?

We want to connect artists with customers to initiate unique, creative opportunities. This contest is meant to give incredible opportunities to artists, our clients, and future creative partners.


Contest Schedule

 Registration Now Open
 Entry Period, through January 31
 Registration Closes, January 31
 Finalists, March 1
 Exhibitionists, March 15
 Grand Prize Winners, April 1
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