artUP was created to connect an international assembly of artists with Britten’s extraordinary clients to initiate an infinite number of unique, creative opportunities. Participation benefits do not stop at prize money — they include display, marketing, and continuous exposure:

Three (3) Grand Prize Winners

The artUP Guest Jurors will select three Grand Prize Winners to each receive $5,000 – a total cash purse of $15,000.

Thirty (30) Exhibitionists

Thirty (30) Exhibitionists will be chosen by the Guest Jurors to have their work featured in select retail malls throughout the United States.

Three Hundred (300) Finalists

Student leaders from a prestigious college of art and design will choose three hundred (300) Finalists, who will have their work printed on light pole banners across the United States.

Please note that large-format prints will be displayed during the 2012 calendar year based on space availability at the display venue. Artists will be notified one week prior via e-mail and receive a photograph of their work at the display location.

The Artist Marketplace

The Artist Marketplace is the award for all participating artists! Each submitted entry will be displayed indefinitely in the Artist Marketplace, where artUP artists will receive continuous exposure to Britten’s 6,000+ international clientele. Although this is not an immediate cash prize – the Artist Marketplace is a place where Britten clients can purchase an artist’s artUP entry. With this being said, if a client purchases and prints an image from the Artist Marketplace, Britten will pay the ARTIST 10% of the printing invoice! For example: if the total cost is $300 – the artist will receive a check for $30. If the total cost is $3,000,000 – the artist will receive $3,000!

The Judging Process

To diversify the scope of creative review, there will be four levels to the judging process:

Judging will be based on the overall design quality and the artist’s understanding of its proper use in the large-format marketplace. For information on entry criteria, please see the Entry Examples and the artUP FAQ page.


Contest Schedule

 Registration Now Open
 Entry Period, through January 31
 Registration Closes, January 31
 Finalists, March 1
 Exhibitionists, March 15
 Grand Prize Winners, April 1
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