About artUP

ArtUp - Creative Partner to the World

Our vision is to connect an international assembly of artists with Britten’s extraordinary customers to initiate unique, creative opportunities.

As a creative services organization, Britten acknowledges the tremendous amount of creative talent that is out there in the world. Using ArtUp, we will be able to recognize and partner that talent with Britten’s 6,000+ international clientele. We will initiate and create this partnership through large-format display and the Artist Marketplace — enabling participating artists and Britten clients to join the ArtUp Team as Creative Partners to the World.

About Britten
As the leading provider of large-format digital printing and creative production services, Britten Inc. has become a trusted partner of some of the world’s best known and most discerning brands, helping them gain international brand visibility and credibility for the past 25 years.

At its 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Traverse City, Michigan, Britten’s 200 member team creates and delivers world-class products and expert execution of art-related projects and displays. Britten’s unrivaled capabilities, culture of innovation and unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction puts them at the forefront of the industry — and makes Britten the smart choice for businesses of all size.


Contest Schedule

 Registration Now Open
 Entry Period, through January 31
 Registration Closes, January 31
 Finalists, March 1
 Exhibitionists, March 15
 Grand Prize Winners, April 1
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